About Me...

Yours TrulyI didn't really start out to be a writer. I'm not sure I started out to be anything, really. It's not that I was lazy or lost, it's just circumstances required me to join the "working world" earlier than I'd hoped. These things happen. Like most, I did my best to find my path.

That path first led me into the business world as a CPA, Accounting, Finance guru. It was mostly fun, but never really felt like "home" to me. There was always something just on the other side of all those numbers and financial statements. It just took me a while to find the courage to step off the ledge and dive in, to do something about all the "Hey, you should be a writer" comments I kept hearing.

I'm glad I did it...

From there and here...

I grew up in the Philadelphia suburbs and will always consider myself a "Philly Guy" at heart. Say what you will about the city, but those were my formative years and I'd never change a thing about it. After my youth in Ridley Township, I went to college nearby -- Widener University -- and got married to another local girl. We settled in Springfield, had two kids, and eventually saw a job move us west to the Pittsburgh suburb of Washington, PA.

After 18 years, we moved home again, back to Springfield, living just around the corner from where 'Marshall Connors' and 'Terry O'Hara' lived.

Memorable Dates...

12/22/84: My son, Michael, was born

08/31/85: I married my wife, Sandy (and we're still together!)

07/07/90: My daughter, Samantha, was born

02/04/11: I self-published my first book, GAME 7: DEAD BALL

11/23/14: I completed my 1st Half-Marathon, in Philadelphia

07/29/17: I completed my 1st International Half-Marathon, the Australian Outback Half in Uluru

10/08/17: I completed my 2nd International Half-Marathon, the Royal Parks Half in London

06/03/18: I broke the Sub-Two Hour Half-Marathon barrier, at Philly Run-Fest

09/08/18: I completed my 3rd International Half-Marathon, the Patagonian International Half in Chile

05/27/19: I completed my 4th International Half-Marathon, the Great Wall Half in China

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