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When trust turns into betrayal, stability turns into chaos...

Marshall Connors longs for a return to the days when nobody cared about him or who he knew, when he was nothing more than a major league baseball umpire, calling 'em like he saw 'em, a footnote and not a headline, when the game, baseball, was all that mattered, the days when things were fun.

But his life has been something of a movie the past few years. An assignment to work the World Series nearly ended in tragedy for Marshall and a few others in his life, courtesy of a revenge seeking maniacal serial killer. During the season that followed, chaos came again in the form of a mentally unstable ex-FBI agent.

The near-death experiences extracted a heavy toll. Marshall lost his mentor, he lost his girlfriend, but more than that, he lost a lot of his innocence. His world was no longer the grass and dirt and smells of the ballpark. It was something darker, a place he would never willingly choose to be.

And now, it's happening again…

A man from Marshall's darkness has returned. An explosion rocks the world. A suicide takes place. People are dead and dying, but nothing is as it seems. Confusion reigns and Marshall is once more in the middle of it, unsure of the connections, but wanting very much to not know what they are: Links in a chain started years ago, by a man Marshall trusts like no other.

As the links are revealed, trust becomes betrayal, stability becomes chaos, and Marshall must do all he can to avoid being pulled under for the last time. He must break the chain, he must find an out…

He needs a RALLY KILLER.

What people are saying...

"Allen has done it once again - this is the best of the 3 in the series... a fast paced fantabulous thriller story of mystery, murder, a little romance and a suicide. You don't even have to like baseball to love this story or the series! A "who dunnit" with twists and turns to keep you interested!" ~ B&N reader review

"Mr. Schatz has delivered another 'perfect game' for all of us fans. From the detailed descriptions of the newer stadiums in MLB, to getting so personal with the characters, we are taken on yet another crazy ride. This story will keep you guessing... Another masterpiece! I am a fan for life!" ~ B&N reader review

"[People] are fools if they don't snatch up these books quick because they are definitely a refreshing change from the usual mystery novel." ~ Reader comment


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