The GOAL: To run a half-marathon on every continent.

North America: DONE

  • Philadelphia Half (2014 to 17)
  • LOVE Run (2015 to17)
  • ODDyssey Half (2016-17)
  • NYC Half (2017)
  • South America: COMING!

  • Patagonia International Half -
  • Patagonia, Chile - SEPT 2018


  • TBD
  • Asia:

  • TBD
  • Oceania: DONE

  • Australian Outback Half (2017)
  • Europe: DONE

  • London Royal Parks (2017)
  • Antarctica:

  • Scheduled for 2020


    BlingI came to a realization a few years ago that the extra 30 pounds I had accumulated weren't doing me any good. My doctor agreed. We both knew it was time to do something about it.

    My pick for the remedy: running.

    I'd run a little back in my younger days, but never anything formal or planned. My oldest brother and his daughter were into it, posting things on Facebook. I decided I could do that, too.

    And so, it began.

    I set a goal: run a 5K. I got an app, one of the many "couch to 5K" options out there. I started. It wasn't easy at first, but before long, I was feeling the effects. Slowly but surely, the weight began to drop and the stamina and positive vibes began to rise.

    In October of 2013 I ran my first formal event, a local 5K. As I crossed the finish line, I knew I was hooked. After a few more 5Ks, I signed up for the inaugural Philly 10K. And then my mom got sick...


    DNationIt all may have started for me, but now it was for so much more. I got involved with DetermiNation Philadelphia in hopes that my running could somehow help. I signed up for the Philadelphia Half-marathon to honor her.

    Cancer sucks. I lost my mom to it. So many others have lost loved ones to it.

    All of my miles are now dedicated to those who can no longer run. As a proud member of DNation, we work to raise money to fight the monster. You can help by making donations here: My DNation Page. Every little bit helps. Thanks.

    Finishing that first Half for mom was an emotional moment. Every race since then is always with her in my heart.

    Personal Bests

    It's never been about the speed for me, but here are the best runs I've had to date...

  • 5K: 24:47 -- April 22, 2017 -- Haverford Twilight Run 5K
  • 10K: 53:36 -- April 8, 2017 -- Cherry Blossom 10K
  • 10Miler: 1:25:25 -- May 7, 2017 -- Philadelphia Broad Street Run
  • Half: 2:01:47 -- October 8, 2017 -- London Royal Parks Half Marathon

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