• Born July 29, 1972
  • Moved to Springfield, PA summer of 1988
  • Graduated Springfield High School, June 1990
  • Graduated Temple University, May 1994
  • Umpired first professional game, March 1996
  • Umpired first major league game, June 2003

Career Hi-lights:

  • Crew Chief, 2008 World Series
  • Crew Chief, 2009 All-Star Game

Professional Affiliation:

World Umpires Association
  • Member since 2004
  • Who is Marshall Connors?

    UmpireMarshall's early days...

    Marshall was born in Clark Mills, NY, just west of Utica. The only son of Sean and Candace Connors, he took to baseball early on in life. Given that his parents were both originally from the Philadelphia area, he adopted the Phillies as his favorite team.

    When the family later moved to Springfield, PA, Marshall easily fit in. The 1980 World Series remains one of his all-time favorite childhood memories. The crapfest of seasons that followed admittedly get a lot of credit for driving him toward a more neutral stance.

    Marshall's playing days...

    Marshall played organized ball through his first year in college, where he was a freshman walk-on. He likes to say he quickly walked off after that dreadful season; his solid defensive skills were never able to overcome a serious lack of hitting prowess. That didn't stop his love of the game, and he took to the next best thing in his mind...

    Chance of rainThe man in blue...

    Marshall's on-field abilities have made him a highly-rated umpire at every level he's worked. His knowledge of the game and the rules add to a solid presence on the field. "It just comes naturally to me" is how he's described it. His progression has reflected that "feel" for the game:

    The hi-light of his MLB career to this point has been working the 2008 World Series. Of course, not having people die and almost die during those games would have made it a LOT better.

    That's why Marshall is currently on vacation... he's not sure if and when he'll be back... you'll just have to stay tuned and find out!

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