The story follows events over a two-week period in and around the 2008 baseball World Series.


  • Philadelphia and suburbs
  • Tampa/St. Pete/St. Pete Beach, Florida
  • New York City

Main Characters:

  • Marshall Connors - 36, major league umpire
  • Thomas Hillsborough - 37, former CIA operative, Marshall’s closest friend
  • Terry O'Hara - 33, major league pitcher, Marshall's best friend in high school
  • Michael O'Hara - 58, former major league pitcher, Terry’s father
  • Samantha O'Hara - 55, Terry’s mother, Michael’s ex-wife

Supporting Cast:

  • Mark Rosenbaum - MLB commissioner
  • Gabi Loeb - MLB head of security
  • Alex Harris - FBI Director
  • Damien Hastings and Sandy Hood - FBI agents
  • Nikolai Sanchez - major league player

Book Contributors:

  • Earl McDaniel- editing
  • Adam McFall - cover art
  • Eddie Frierson - audio version narrator

Buy Game 7: Dead BallSecrets, lies, and revenge provide the sparks that ignite a fiery collision between past and present...

A puzzle takes shape as baseball’s World Series unfolds, but the pieces don’t seem to fit: missing women, threats, gambling, kidnappings, and relationships long dormant are all somehow connected, but major league umpire Marshall Connors may run out of time before he can solve the mystery...

Marshall’s post-season plans were to spend a week in Florida, helping his mentor teach a training class followed by a lot of sun. The vacation is cut short when Marshall gets assigned to work the World Series as crew chief, but the real reason is not discovered until he is neck-deep in trouble.

The surprise assignment rekindles a relationship with the O’Hara family and Marshall realizes some things truly are better left alone. As the games play out, so does the truth behind long-buried O’Hara family secrets and Marshall is caught in a storm that threatens to destroy him and those he loves.

With the help of his best friend, Thomas Hillsborough--ex-CIA spy--Marshall fights to solve the puzzle before the Series reaches its climax in GAME 7: DEAD BALL, the ultimate contest of survival.

What people are saying...

"There may be other novels featuring baseball umpires as lead characters, but I haven't read one. It sounds almost like an exercise in a creative writing class: Set the person who is supposed to remain invisible at the center of a story involving love and hate, success and failure, excitement and tragedy. Author Allen Schatz has done that and done it well." ~ Great Books Under $5

"The author uses the 2008 World Series as the backdrop for this thriller... if you're a baseball fan you'll appreciate the realism Schatz injects into this novel. If you're not a baseball fan, that's ok too as you'll enjoy this thriller and Schatz' stiletto-sharp writing style." ~ Author Larry Marshall (Her Book of Shadows)

"Allen Schatz, in his first novel, has proven a welcome newcomer to an overcrowded thriller market sadly diluted with average ho-hum fare... I would highly recommend this book to any thriller fan who is tired of the same old mediocre drivel that is plaguing our bookshelves currently. Schatz has proven he belongs in the writing game." ~ Amazon reader review

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